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The first issue of The New Individualist under Robert Bidinotto
Posted by Michael Stuart Kelly on 10/16, 9:35pm
When I first posted on Solo in earnest - finally announcing that I was an Objectivist, it was Robert Bidinotto who immediately posted to me with an extremely warm welcome. Now his efforts as the editor of The New Individualist have finally hit the street and I would like to extend the gesture back in a small manner.  

To read about it, go to the link to his blog given above (title) or repeated here. Look for the items called:

TNI and reader expectations
My first issue of The New Individualist is now available  

I received a complimtary issue because I recently bought some books by David Kelley from TOC. On an initial thumbing through and skim, I found myself captivated a few times by the topics and the writing. This is indeed one I will subscribe to. Objectivists now have another wonderful high quality magazine. Things are getting better and better.  

Robert, you are to be congratulated. I wish you all the success in the world.  

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