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Robert Campbell in Bike Accident
Posted by sciabarra on 11/01, 6:15am
As I mentioned here, Robert Campbell was involved in a bike accident.  Those of you wanting to leave "get well wishes" for Robert, feel free to post to this thread.  Here is what I said in the other thread:

And, I'm sorry to report today that I received word the other night that my Associate Editor, and prolific SOLO contributor, Robert Campbell, was involved in a serious bike accident in which he broke both his wrists.  He underwent surgery and is currently in the hospital.  He is scheduled to be released soon, but will be unable to use his hands much in the coming month or two. 
I spoke to Robert two nights in a row, and he seems to be in good spirits.

Get well, friend! 

Or as Quintus Arrius (from "Ben-Hur") might have said:  "We keep you alive to serve this ship! Row well, and live!"
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