Rebirth of Reason

Explaining Postmodernism
by Stephen R. C. Hicks
Explaining PostmodernismThis book deals with the history of postmodernism, and what factors brought it about.  Hick's analysis approaches it from several angles.  Every time he comes up with a good explanation of it, he stops and asks whether it really fits the data, or whether there's more to it.  He focuses on several convergent threads, and how each added something to the mix that made postmodernism possible.

In the process of explaining how it came about, he provides a very good understanding of the postmodern worldview itself.  By approaching it from different angles, he highlights different parts of it, and shows how they relate to the others.  It's full of insights and his methods are admirable.  Even when he has a great deductive explanation, he always goes back to the data.

Anyone interested in what's going on in the world of ideas should read this book.
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