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Perigo! Politically Incorrect

Perigo! Politically Incorrect

By Deborah Coddington
165 pages.

From the back cover:

In Portugal, Perigo means danger.  This book tells the story of one extraordinary New Zealander who has no fear of the danger of speaking out against political correctness, socialism, conservatism -- every ism that threatens what Perigo himself calls "the most sacred thing in the universe" -- individual liberty.

This is the biography of Lindsay Perigo, founder of SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists).  The book details the story of his life up until his almost-acceptance of a position at The Objectivist Center, then called The Institute for Objectivist Studies.  It explores his successful career in television current affairs, and his infamous "brain-dead" accusation as he left.  It discusses his early days as a Communist, and his intellectual transformation thanks to the challenge laid down by Bill Weddell, a New Zealand Objectivist.

This is the story of a man who gave up security and prestige to pursue his dreams. 

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