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Born in 1984.  Live near SLC, UT.

Son of a commercial pilot, allowing me a life full of travel.  Spent a short while teaching English in the Czech Republic.  

Working in the medical field.  In and out of school for a Biology degree. My professional aspirations are research in Synthetic Biology.

Uncomfortably agnostic since I was 17 or so, atheist since 23 or so.  My Mormon upbringing likely gave me something of a god complex and an interest in polyamory.

First read Atlas Shrugged  around age 22.  Have read most of Rand's works, most recently ItOE.  Currently reading David Kelley's Evidence of the Senses.

Primary interests in Philosophy are epistemology and its application to education.  My second favorite philosopher is Brand Blanshard.

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(Quotes) Now, there is a certain class of sophisticated modern theologian who will say something like this: "Good heavens, of course we are not so naive or simplistic as to care whether God exists. Existence is such a 19th-century preoccupation! It doesn't matter whether God exists in a scientific sense. What matters is whether he exists for you or for me. If God is real for you, who cares whether science has made him redundant? Such arrogance! Such elitism." Well, if that's what floats your canoe, you'll be paddling it up a very lonely creek. The mainstream belief of the world's peoples is very clear. They believe in God, and that means they believe he exists in objective reality, just as surely as the Rock of Gibraltar exists. If sophisticated theologians or postmodern relativists think they are rescuing God from the redundancy scrap-heap by downplaying the importance of existence, they should think again. Tell the congregation of a church or mosque that existence is too vulgar an attribute to fasten onto their God, and they will brand you an atheist. They'll be right.


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