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September 12, 2007
The Good Life
Overcoming Akrasia
by Eric Rockwell
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When we determine a plan of action that is in our long-range self interest, sometimes we see it through to completion and are happy with our success.  But other times, we fail to follow through.  This article examines the nature of such behavior. (Read more...)
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You have a life. Itís a precious thing, and itís yours. Make the most of it. Donít give it up, donít waste it on things you donít value, regardless of what others demand from you. Work with others when you can, love and give yourself to them as they deserveóbut always by the standard of what is best for your own life. The purpose of ethics is to help you find and enjoy what is best, not to sacrifice it. Pursuing your happiness, taking full responsibility for it, is a worthy and challenging task. It will take thought and effort, it will take ambition and courage, it will take everything you have, and if you succeed you will have the right to be proud, morally proud, of what you have accomplished.
David Kelley
"A Philosophy for the 21st Century." The New Individualist. Oct. 2007: 49

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