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Am a retired, from disability, baker/cook/pastry chef - now an artist/philosopher...  been with Objectivism since early 60's...  influenced by Rand since early 50's from 'The Fountainhead' movie...  love reading - library of thousands on all sundry subjects, esp. SF, mysteries [nice little Sherlockian collection],  economics, philosophy, cooking, artbooks [nice collection of some of best instruction works - most out of print], and many other areas...   love cats...  love travelling, tho don't get to do much lately cuz no car right now [old Bug died a couple of years ago - and yes, love VW Bugs]...    single - married twice, but they said was better off without them - hard to live with an intellectual, I guess..... tho am kind, love kids [tho not have any], good to all but moochers - the usual...  am doing writing, as well as my renderings, and have blogs to keep my thoughts together...  physically am six feet, little over 200 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, considered in good shape...:-)

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