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Condom Crisis
Condom Crisis

The largest condom factory in the states burned down. President Obama was awakened at 4am by the telephone. "Sorry to bother you at this hour, Sir, but there is an emergency! I've just received word that the Durex factory in Washington has burned to the ground... It is estimated that the entire USA supply of condoms will be used up by the e... (Read More)

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May 17, 2004
Rules of Engagement for Those Discussions Aimed at Progress (ie. Rational Discussions)
by Ed Thompson
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Why write on this issue? Rand held that there are no fundamental conflicts among the interests of rational men.  If this notion is indeed true, then great benefit would almost certainly await those who adopt a path toward this goal of dealing with others rationally.  Giving this issue the time and energy it deserves... (Read more...)
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