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I got into Objectivism in late 1998 shortly after discovering libertarianism. I have since attended SOLOCs 1, 2 & 4, speaking at the first two and consequently being asked not to speak at any future SOLOCs. Other interests include: Rugby, Aussie Rules, Sailing, Politics and Austrian Economics.

I started my career as an Engineer and Financial Analyst at Walker Wireless (now Woosh) in 2001 and worked at the investment bank ABN Amro in 2002. I started with ANZ Bank in January 2003 and quit in March 2005 (a month after completing my Master's thesis) to tour NZ's South Island and the US and I plan to settle in Australia in late 2005.

I enrolled in February 2002 in my Master of Commerce (Finance) degree and worked on it part time. I looked at how the stock prices of firms in the computer industry reacted to events in the antitrust case against Microsoft. I found that when Microsoft had a bad day in court, it's stock fell and so did those of the other firms (more so if they were bigger). To a lesser extent, Microsoft and other computer industry firms' stock prices rose when Microsoft had a good day in court. So much for the DoJ acting to protect those other firms from the Microsoft "bully."

Prior to that I was a full-time student from 1996-2001 and completed 3 degrees - Engineering (Electrical & Electronic), Commerce (Finance & Economics) and Commerce Honours (Finance).

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