Rebirth of Reason


by Elizabeth Kanabe

Sometimes as the saying goes, you just have to be there. SoloHQ's presentation of daily articles, forum for discussions and display of talents are what keep all of us coming back day after day. But no matter how many times you discuss elections and movies over e-mail, it's not the same as sitting face to face and participating in a conversation with others. For this reason, and due to the success of the first two SOLO conferences, people around the world have started meeting and having a fun time together. The New York City area is jumping on the bandwagon, and SOLO NYC has officially been started. Please visit www.SoloHQ.com/NYC and join us!

The purpose of SOLO NYC is quite simple. It will add yet another dimension to SOLO. It will give a chance for those who are who are exuberantly rational & rationally exuberant, who aspire to the "total passion for the total height," intellectually & emotionally, simultaneously & harmoniously to meet others who are the same. Meeting in person offers SOLOists the chance to laugh together, raise a glass together, discuss how to change the world and learn from each other.

SOLO NYC will start out very informally. The activities, agenda and frequency of meetings will vary depending on interest. It can range from three people going to see an art exhibit to a roomful of people debating the latest political issue. We will meet at bars, restaurants, and people's residences. There will be activities for those curious about objectivism, those who want to help SOLO advance, and basically anyone and everyone that has a place now at SOLO.

Some things that SOLO NYC will have for its 'members' include informal gatherings. At SOLO 1.5 we ate, we drank together and never were we bored! Everyone even came back the next day! So there will be chances to just get together and unwind, and talk about what's new with life.

SOLO NYC will also provide an opportunity for getting together "trips" to events in the area that would interest other objectivists. If there's a play you really want to see, an art exhibit coming to town, or a festival people might be interested in, post the idea!

There will also be opportunities for education and discussion. Listening to a lecture and discussing it afterwards, discussing books that we've read, or ideas brought to the meeting will give people a chance to apply objectivist principles and learn from one another. This can be done at both higher levels of objectivism (those who have been around and studying for a while) to those who are new to it all.

Many people have friends who are curious about objectivism, but don't know where to ask questions or maybe are frightened by those they've met who call themselves objectivists. This would give people a chance to meet some objectivists, learn some of the basic ideas and how to think and apply theories to life.

Those are some of the ideas that I've had for getting SOLO NYC started. As we creative and enthusiastic members continue to bring new ideas to the table, the meetings can grow as we'd like. So, let the discussion start! I know many who were at SOLO 1.5 or missed it are anxious to meet again. So join us and make sure you don't miss anything! After all, those that missed SOLO 1.5 missed a lot...

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