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Conference to ask: Are Liberals Mean?
by Michael E. Marotta

"The Inhumanity of Progressivism" will be the theme of an upcoming conference sponsored by the Institute for Consequences, a sociological research association. 

Conference organizer, Michael E. Marotta said, "As a criminologist, I study harms and their origins. A hundred years ago German sociologist Max Weber taught that government is the only agency in society allowed to use force.  That idea is accepted by liberals and conservatives.  No one questions it.  The consequence has been that the government's only mode of conduct has been via force or the threat of force or the promise to remove an engaged force. The best way to understand harm is to "trace the bullet."  When you see suffering, is it because someone is being victimized by the government; or, is a non-profit social service agency causing or perpetuating the problem?  That is what this conference seeks to explore.

A call for papers will be issued shortly.  Speakers and published papers will be paid in gold. Travel and lodging will be covered.   Attendees will pay all the market will bear and take their chances on the outcome.
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