Rebirth of Reason


Changing of the (Editorial) Guard
by Lindsay Perigo

SOLOists – as from today I shall be assuming the mantle of SOLOHQ editor in order to allow the redoubtable Jeff Landauer to pay attention to his new day job. I’m sure we’re all mighty grateful for his Herculean efforts to date. I say “to date” because, of course, he won’t be far away, & he’s not off the hook altogether. He & Joe are still SOLOHQ’s web masters, & now that he’s relinquishing the editor’s chair I shall be nagging him for articles!

I thought it would be opportune at this point to reiterate the protocols surrounding SOLOHQ articles. They are reproduced below with a little tweaking on my part. I’m also repeating here the brief description of SOLO to which the “About” button currently links, just as a reminder of the spirit that should, as a general rule, inform SOLOHQ articles.

I look forward to a long & productive relationship with all of you!

Sense Of Life Objectivists:
Sense of Life Objectivists (SOLO) was founded in 2001. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Like other Objectivist organisations, it seeks to transform the prevailing culture from one of nihilism and unreason - a culture conducive to dictatorship - to one of life-affirmation and reason - a culture in which freedom can flourish. It also seeks to transform the culture of Objectivism itself, from one of cultism, censorship, heresy hunts, emotional repression and robotic “Randroidism" to one where authentic individuality may blossom.

SOLO places a heavy emphasis on activism, recognising that while ideas are powerful, ideas without action are useless. It encourages reason-and-freedom lovers to submit articles to SOLOHQ.com, where a fresh contribution is posted daily; it provides an open discussion forum with multiple threads (and a closed forum as well); it offers a bookstore and a general merchandise store; it promotes life-affirming art, movies, music and literature; it offers a culture of camaraderie and joie de vivre; it touts a fellowship of freedom.

Submission Guidelines FAQ
Who is allowed to submit articles to SOLOHQ?
All readers are allowed and encouraged to submit articles. You need not be a member of SOLO. However, articles will be screened for suitability, and we reserve the right to refuse to print any article, just as we (naturally) reserve unto ourselves standard editorial prerogatives such as the right to correct grammatical & spelling errors, etc. Anti-Objectivist or critical-of-Objectivism articles will be considered, in the interests of a culture of engagement, but these will be expected to embody the same standards demanded of Objectivist writers.

What criteria do you use for determining suitability of an article?
SOLO is an Objectivist organization, with primarily an Objectivist audience. The article must be of general interest to Objectivists as determined by our own judgment. Additionally, SOLO aims to promote a positive culture in a passionate way, so negative, passionless articles will almost certainly be rejected.

How long should the article be?
We recommend between 500 and 1000 words. We recognize that some topics require a lot of writing, so this is merely a guideline and not a rule. We also know that some people enjoy writing treatises on every topic. Our advice is to aim for brevity. If you have a lot to say, try to split it into multiple articles. We will be flexible on the length, but we'll favor articles closer to our recommendations.

What kind of audience should I write for?
SoloHQ has an Objectivist audience, so aim for something of interest to Objectivists. The philosophical depth of our audience also varies, but you should be able to assume a basic understanding of Objectivism. You should keep in mind that the audience is sympathetic to Objectivism, but otherwise you should aim towards a general audience if possible. Try not to get bogged down in technical jargon.

Will I get paid for writing an article?
No. But men &/or women will throw themselves at you, according to your preference.

Will my article get printed in that wonderful magazine The Free Radical (subscribe here)?
The Free Radical has its own selection process for articles. (I’ll gobble up the best ones on sight, provided the author agrees – but they’ll still appear on SOLOHQ in due course.) Generally, the articles should be 1000 words (one page) or 2000 words (two pages), and aimed at a libertarian audience.

How do I submit an article?
You can simply send it via email to Editor@SoloHQ.com. Include the article, and you may optionally include a summary and a suggested subject.

Do you have a preferred format for submission?
Please make a user account and submit your article with the "Submit Article" button at the bottom of the Articles page. If you are having trouble or have a complex article that you can't format correctly using our edit box, then please send a Word document to editor@SoloHQ.com. If you don't have Word, please attach a plain text file to your email.

How soon will my article go up?
It depends on our article queue length. It can vary anywhere between a day to a few weeks.

I'm new at writing. Can I get some help with my article?
Sure. When you submit your article, please inform the editor that it is a rough draft, and you would like some feedback.

Any legal disclaimer I should know about?
Of course. Go here.

You sure I don't get paid?
We’re sure. But men &/or women will throw themselves at you, according to your preference.
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