Rebirth of Reason


Call To Arms
by Joseph Rowlands

Hello fellow SOLOists. It’s time to take the next step. The new website, www.soloHQ.com, has been announced, and it’s ready to get going in a serious way.

As you hopefully know, we intend this site to have daily articles. If we can maintain this, we can make this site valuable for all Objectivists. It’ll make SOLO more prominent, and make people return to the site over and over. The goal is to put SOLO at the center of Objectivism on the internet.

What can you do to help? We’re calling for volunteer writers. We already know that SOLO has fantastic people. Bright, educated, witty, upbeat, and bursting with excitement. We’d like to harness the reason and the passion that’s so characteristic of the SOLO forum, and use it to further the website.

The articles don’t have to be a specified length. The content is flexible. We’re looking to provide value to our readers, and that can take many forms. The topics don’t need to be revolutionary, just interesting.

So this is a call to arms. Please volunteer to help out with this task. You can submit articles for posting on a regular basis if you like (one guy plans to do an article once a month, for instance). Or, if you don’t think that you can commit to something like that, you can submit articles on an irregular basis. A lot of you may not have written articles before. I encourage you to try it out, and use it to improve yourself.

In addition to articles, the new site has an “Around the Web” section, that links to articles of interest to Objectivists. This is part of our goal to make a ‘one-stop shopping’ for Objectivists. Anyone who finds an article not listed in this section, please send me a link.

Also, we have an “Objectivism Web Directory”. We’re trying to make this pretty extensive in covering Objectivist sites, and we’ve added other sites that are of interest. If anyone knows any that should be added, please let us know.

Additionally, we have an “Objectivist Projects” section in the War Room. This is set up to promote projects that further Objectivism, from people involved or supportive of SOLO. We want to encourage people to start projects, and others to help them out if possible. We will set up on the site descriptions of the projects, who’s involved, and add a forum for comments or conversation. If you’re working on something, we encourage you to send in a description.

Finally, we want to get the word out about this site, in order to attract more people. I believe many of the people on this forum are also involved in other forums. We need people to spread the word about this site. If you’re involved in another forum, please forward Lindsay’s May Day editorial titled “Showtime”. Bring this site up in casual conversation. Link to it from web pages. Drape giant banners in front of your house. You get the idea. But definitely forward it to other forums, please.

Let’s see if we can keep this going.

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