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Hoppe Attacked!
by Ken Gregg

According to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, during March of last year, Professor Hans Herman-Hoppe was notified by UNLV officials that a student lodged an informal complaint over Hoppe's comments on time preference and homosexuals.

A series of formal hearings ensued and, at the request of university officials, he clarified in his next class that he was speaking in generalities only and intended no offence. The student then filed a formal complaint feeling Hoppe did not take the complaint seriously.

Hoppe said university officials intended to issue a letter of reprimand and dock a week's pay, but the option was rejected by his dean and by the university provost. In the end, UNLV gave him until Friday (yesterday) to accept its latest offer: a letter of reprimand and give up his next pay increase.

"I felt like I was the victim, not the student." Hoppe, who is a fully-tenured professor at UNLV, is dumbfounded by the university's response to the student's complaint. It is not his job to consider how a student might feel about economic theory. Hoppe protested that university officials declined to speak to other students in the class to find out what actually happened and even rejected letters he solicited from a half-dozen students.
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