Rebirth of Reason

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Monday, January 26, 2015 - 5:24pmSanction this postReply

This was amusing.  I do not share the moral outrage at the comedy.  I found it interesting.  Lindsay Perrigo's call for a more perfect constitution is a debater's fallacy: a call for perfection.  

Recent legislation in which Mr Anderton himself was instrumental means a Member of Parliament who leaves the party for which he was elected must resign from Parliament. Mr Anderton doesn't want to do that, so he said he wouldn't act on his intentions until Parliament rose & this year's general election campaign began. His opponents within the Alliance then took the initiative & expelled him & other MPs who support him from their party. They elected one of their own, MP Laila Harre (also a Cabinet minister), as the new leader. But since neither Mr Anderton nor Ms Harre wants to precipitate an early election, neither has informed Parliament's Speaker of the changed arrangements. Therefore, inside Parliament, on a daily basis, Mr Anderton maintains the fiction of being the leader of a party of which he is not even a member, aided & abetted by the real leader of that party, while the Speaker says he can't do anything to end this charade because no one's formally notified him that it IS a charade.

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