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My email address mike49mercury@gmail.com.  The AOL account to the left is long closed.

I am a technical writer. In addition, I have published over 300 newspaper and magazine articles about business, technology, and culture. My two favorite are "Financing Musical Theatre: The 'Dough' Behind the 'Do-Re-Mi'," New Mexico Business Journal, February 2003; and "Building on Mars," Plan & Print, September 1987.

Master of Arts in Social Science (Eastern Michigan University, 2010).
Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in Criminology (Eastern Michigan University, 2008) 
Security Certifications
  • Disaster Inspector – Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Incident Response Management – Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Frontline Supervision – New Mexico State Law Enforcement Academy
  • Computer Crime Investigation – New Mexico State Law Enforcement Academy
  • Adult CPR and First Aid – American Red Cross

I previously graduated with high honors from an associate's degree program at Washtenaw Community College in criminal justice (2007).  I also hold an associate's in liberal arts from Lansing Community College (1981).

 From January 2004 to December 2010 I wrote the monthly "Internet Connections" column for the ANA Numismatist magazine. The ANA granted me two Heath Literary Awards: the first for an investigation into the origins of coinage; and another for a biography of Sir Isaac Newton's tenure as warden and master of the Royal Mint.   When I was working toward a private pilot certificate, I submitted essays to www.studentpilot.com many of which are still archived there. 

 Researching hackers in the mid-80s to mid-90s, I posted to Computer Underground Digest and Phrack. Other features appeared in local and regional business magazines.

I serve as vice president for communications of Austin Tech Republicans. I was elected a Republican precinct delegate in Ann Arbor Township (2006-2008).  I served for three years on the Washtenaw County, Michigan, county/city community corrections advisory board.  In 1992, I ran for Congress as a Libertarian.  I served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Michigan State Numismatic Society.  I also served (2009-2011) as their webmaster for www.michigancoinclub.org. In 1991, I was a delegate representing the Michigan patron community at the White House Conference on Libraries and Information Systems.

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Don't touch me bitch!

A man wakes up with a severe hangover and finds a note from his wife by his bedside that says, "I made your favorite breakfast.  When you wake up, come down to the kitchen." ... (Read More)

(Added by JJ Tuan on 8/28/2004, 7:45pm)

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Conspiracy Corner: Imagination run wild
Conspiracy Corner: Imagination run wild

Conspiracy Corner is a place to invent or pass-on interesting conspiracy "theories" or, more accurately, "conspiracy hypotheses". (Read the entire blog entry)

(Added by Ed Thompson on 5/12, 5:54pm)

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