Rebirth of Reason

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 11:12pmSanction this postReply
And please drop by the chat room and judge us for yourselves anytime.  The easiest way is via a visit to http://www.objectivistchat.com  I also implore Jason to consider his miscalculation, apologize to smathy, and ask himself the real reason he came to channel.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 12:23amSanction this postReply
TomL --

I thoroughly appoligize to both you and smathy for not being able to "explain my emotions" regarding the city of London or "stuffyness".   I guess that was my sin then.  It is not London at all.  It is my irrational use of the word "stuffyness".  That was a terrible thing for me to do.  Welcome to SOLO :)  I hope you enjoy it here.

Now regardless of what I was being called irrational for (was it you who taught him this nonsense?), whether it is liking London (I got the distinct impression that smathy disliked London a great deal) or failing to properly "introspecting my feelings about stuffyness" that I was being hounded about this was a pretty strange way to greet a new user to the chatroom.  In fact it was the strangest and funniest incident that I have ever had involving an Objectivist group and I found it funny enough to share with  the users here.  The additional section of the chat that you posted and your own comments about it only serve to raise the level of sillyness that was involved with your interrogation methods and so I will let it stand on its own without further reply.  

To your credit I will add that I stuck around after this incident and after my posts about it on SOLO being curious about your strange "Objectivist evaluation process" and I was not treated like this again and was involved in a couple of "evaluation free" discussions so I will give you and your group credit for that. 

 - Jason

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Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 7:59amSanction this postReply

You committed fraud, and you got caught.

He wasn't an "Objectivist fundamentalist"
or student at ARI
or "appalled that I would have such an opinion."
or channel moderator
or "partner with TomL"
or saying things you said he said
or "most extreme."

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Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 9:46amSanction this postReply
The reason for this type of valuation of newcomers is that we are the type of people who can perform such spot introspections, and we like to find other people who can.  That's all.  You probably find it strange because you generally aren't challenged like this by most people you run into.  I submit that that is the fault of "most people" and says something about us that isn't negative.

I appreciate your apology and welcome you in the channel.

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