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Friday, September 7, 2012 - 8:46pmSanction this postReply
"You are using the Gimpy Netscape text box. For font changing, font-sizing, bold, italics, underline, links, block quotes, breaks, and HTML and Word pasting with formatting, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater."

Would upgrading the site to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, or popular browsers other than Explorer be overly expensive or time consuming? I would be interested in contributing toward such a change if the price was reasonable. Internet Explorer is a dinosaur.

On the other hand, if the upgrade is too expensive, I'll just stick with the Gimpy Netscape text box.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 12:32pmSanction this postReply
You can find some threads in the "Computer" forum about HTML codes. I use them as often as I can even linking to citations such as the RoR homepage here.

Technology is an applied science, i.e., it translates the discoveries of theoretical science into practical application to manís life. As such, technology is not the first step in the development of a given body of knowledge, but the last; it is not the most difficult step, but it is the ultimate step, the implicit purpose, of manís quest for knowledge.

All of this was done with Safari on a Macintosh using HTML codes. (And I believe that Ayn Rand was at least incomplete, if not just plain wrong, about technology coming from science. Largely, science is built from an understanding of technology.)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 1:57pmSanction this postReply
Michael wrote:
I believe that Ayn Rand was at least incomplete, if not just plain wrong, about technology coming from science. Largely, science is built from an understanding of technology.
There is a distinct difference between an innovation in "technology COMING FROM science" and all "technology being BASED UPON science."

That is, there are the psychological processes that are involved in the creation of new technology. That is about how our minds work during this creative process. And then there is the epistemological structure of knowledge which is about the hierarchy of knowledge. Very different.

I suspect that the vast amount of technological advances, talking about smaller, incremental changes, comes from someone looking at a piece of current technology and imagining an improvement. That would be technology coming from technology - and I'm talking about the psychological process. Did the inventor in question understand the underlying science? Probably, in most cases, but certainly not always.

But does technology as a field of knowledge rest upon a foundation of Science? Absolutely - always.

Periodically, whole new waves of technological inventions are released from the discovery of a new scientific principle and this kind of technological advance is greater in the size of the leap forward. And could be said to the source of all the products that get tinkered with thereafter till the next scientific discovery in that area.

More important, I think, is that they are inseparable. Science deals with the principles that describe how an aspect of the world works, and technology is an application of some of those laws.

As to the idea that, "largely, science is built from an understanding of technology"... that's questionable and it depends on what Michael meant. I'd like to hear more about what he meant.

We use technology in measurements, in experiments, as tools to pursue scientific understanding... but that is a very limited way in which one would say that science is built from technology because science is a form of knowledge and that would make the tools not much more important to science than the apple was to the theory of gravity - it was there, but that was a minor accident and not the brilliant thought that followed.

I'd say that technology can inspire a thought that leads to a new understanding in science. But what gives inspiration is more a matter of psychology and chance than an epistemological verity.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 7:01pmSanction this postReply
Maybe you really should consider upgrading to IE 4.0?

Honestly, I think this website is kinda based on web "1.0", written in perl. I'm not a perl fan, my pref is C#. Making changes to this site feels like putting patches on a coat that you know you will replace in a few. Maybe *yikes* replace this website with new web 2.0 forum software. Not to say that this site doesn't have lots of great features. Its just that maybe its not so worth trying to upgrade the Model-T when you can get a Honda Accord.

What is Joe's motivation to continue creating an online community? I still have some interest, but I'm already so busy with work and other things going on in my life. Its like I have a hundred things I'd like to do each day, but I can only do 10 things before the sun goes down.

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