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Tuesday, March 14 - 1:00pmSanction this postReply
The key to reforming America's health care system is identical to the key to reforming America's whole economy: deregulation. That's the magic word and concept. However boring, banal, unoriginal, and uninspired that prescription seems, deregulation is still the ultimate and definitive answer.

To understand how important this idea is, it must be borne in mind that regulation is just another word for regimentation, which is just another word for mandation, which is just another word for dictation, which is just another word for dictatorship. To solve virtually all of America's health care problems just get rid of the government tyranny involved. Let people live. Let people be free. This will work to solve virtually all of America's economic problems too.

And fixing these two seemingly beyond-hopeless messes is not -- as practically everyone today believes -- mind-bendingly difficult or infinitely complex. In fact, as already hinted at above, it's ultra-fast and ultra-easy. And anyone who says otherwise is considerably ignorant or morally dubious, if not both.

Step One is: Get rid of all the medical licenses. These constitute nothing less than a form of enslavement. They forbid people from working and acting as they wish and as society needs. So get these wretched bureaucratic waste-papers the hell out of the way.


No more government permissions or licenses needed for doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pharmacists, nursing homes, personal home assistants, or other health care workers or facilities. Any medical business can open, and anyone can work in it, in a new and beautiful land of health care liberty, opportunity, efficiency, and excellence.

Licenses raise the cost and lower the quality of medical care radically. Every year, almost certainly, hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans die from them. And millions get terribly sick or stay injured or uncured. All for no reason except Big Brother.


Despite what virtually everybody thinks today, licenses weren't created to insure quality, competence, or minimal standards. They were created to kill competition and freedom. This they do very well. Also people.

With restrictive government medical licensing, large and disreputable elements of the health care industry profiteer wildly. And the pathetic suffering patients get financially and medically crushed. Under coercive government licensing -- which is absolute medical tyranny -- practically everyone gets gratuitously sick, injured, mangled, or killed.

Step Two is: Get rid of the F.D.A. The Food and Drug Administration is a heartlessly evil and dictatorial organization which has no right to exist. They too raise the cost and lower the quality of health care fantastically. Especially in the long run. Medical drugs, devices, and procedures are impacted dramatically. Especially in the long run. Almost beyond doubt, still more hundreds of thousands of innocents are mercilessly annihilated each year.

The F.D.A. says "no" when all the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, patients, and customers want to say "yes." This is a government agency of pure regulation and tyranny. They create nothing but unspeakable agony and an extravagant slaughterfest.


Every one of America's totalitarian and death-worshiping medical rules, regulations, and laws needs to be immediately repealed. And every one of the F.D.A.'s employees needs to be instantly fired -- if not ruthlessly hunted down, like rabid wolves, and then exterminated from the face of the earth.

Under the Federal Death Administration the simplest drugs, devices, and procedures take decades to come to market. And that's assuming they get "approved" at all. Under the F.D.A. an aspirin worth two cents routinely costs five dollars each. A fifty-dollar hospital room generally costs two thousand bucks. And courtesy of F.D.A. control you normally have to share hospital rooms with strangers, like the worst flophouses imaginable. You have to wear hospital gowns which the poorest Bangladeshi beggars would refuse.

Altho' it's hard to estimate, probably 95% of all miracle drugs, devices, and procedures never even get invented at all, thanks to government regulation and the F.D.A. And so Uncle Sam's medical torture and bloodbath goes on and on. The F.D.A. Is a virulently anti-freedom, anti-human organization dedicated to inflicting misery and death upon every single defenseless American possible. Of the 2.6 million deaths recorded each year in the U.S. Probably more than 300,000 are unnecessary, even in the short run. So, at a minimum, the F.D.A. and the license laws perpetrate several new medical 9/11s every week of the year.


Step Three is: Even tho' it only moderately matters -- after blissfully terminating all medical permission papers and the lawless F.D.A. -- Americans need to be liberated in a few other health care areas as well. They need the freedom to purchase insurance across state and national lines, as well as buy drugs from overseas. And they obviously shouldn't be coerced into purchasing Affordable Care Act-type incompetent and over-priced government-regulated insurance plans.

All medical research should be capitalist and not communist, as most of it is today. The socialist National Institutes for Health, and similar state abominations, should also be abolished. Malpractice tort reform should bring together expert judges and juries who base their decisions upon science and medical truth -- not upon a desire to rob innocent rich people blind and help contemptible poor folks hit the litigious lottery. Medicare and Medicaid -- which serve mainly to torture and slaughter the old and the poor -– should be replaced by private insurance, personal savings, self-care, free internet advice, and charity in an overall health care system of exceptionally high-quality and stunningly low prices. A booming economy, under deregulated full capitalism, will also generate massive amounts of disposable income to lavish on health.

The current American welfare state system is horrific and murderous beyond compare. We need to bring a complete and immediate halt to Big Brother's on-going medical holocaust.


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Friday, March 17 - 4:13amSanction this postReply

That's all well, fine, and good, and easy to agree with, but it depends on something else: a change in culture, i.e., a change in the implicit philosophy of the common culture.  So-called "health insurance" whether Obamacare or whatever the Republicans replace it with is wrongful on many grounds, the most basic of which is the denial of what insurance really is. The basic life insurance (death insurance) of a hundred years ago was of the same intention as commercial insurance invented during the first great age of modern commerce.  The Lloyd's Coffeehouse was one of many places where men of commerce met.  Bank clearing houses were begun at the same time in those same coffeehouses. There was no intention that you pay a shilling of nominal premiums because you intend to declare a 1000-pound loss as soon as possible. And that is what so-called "health insurance" has become.  And it had nothing to do with the government.


Back about 1991-1993, when I was covered by a corporate plan, it was obvious to me, sitting in the waiting room, that most of the other people were there because they had nothing better to do than to be sick and get paid for it.  It was "free market socialism."   That is rooted in the common culture which asserts and advances altruism in all of its consequences.


As for the call to abandon licensing, it is valid, of course, and, again, the markets have long since responded, with some disturbing exceptions.  We patronize a wide range of alternative healthcare providers, in addition to the medical mainstream.  You have to shop to meet your own needs.  There is no licensing for most of the "quacks" who serve us so well.  This weekend, my wife and I are going to an artificial salt mine; it should be interesting...  At the same time, though, one of the battles that my ex lost was arguing against licensing for her speciality.  The other practitioners wanted to be state-licensed so that they could bill insurance companies for their work.  A couple of years ago, I sent her a Taggart Transcontinental t-shirt for her birthday. She has the right philosophy.  The insurance carriers have the wrong philosophy: they believe that they profit from "free market socialism."


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Friday, March 17 - 8:33pmSanction this postReply

Michael -- People today almost never know the best philosophy, or right goal, of health care: high quality and low price. They think the goal is being insured. But paying for health care as you go -- rather than indirect payments via insurance -- is a viable alternative, just as paying as you go is viable for high-quality, low-price food, clothing, transportation, etc.

The price to satisfy the government in getting permission to work medically [licenses], or to sell drugs and medical products [F.D.A.], seems astronomical. And the death rate due to the welfare state also seems beyond any normal ability to state or comprehend. Where is the horror and outrage?

The world is utterly brain-washed into welfare statism and away from liberty, especially regarding health care.


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