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I found it helpful to think past or below the graphic to the basic numbers.  Often, an analysis such as this that looks at rate of change can be more insightful than the raw data. However, in this case, the delta hides facts that may be more informative. 


Take China. It is not that no one is leaving. It is not that as many came in as went out.  It is that no more (or fewer) left in 2015-2016 than had emigrated in the comparison year 2009-2010. In both cases, these are annual numbers. These emigrations are an on-going phenomenon. 


According to this CNN report, based on the same root document, since 2000 over 60,000 millionaires have emigrated from France.  We do not know from this about backflows or second-stage movements. How many who left Brazil had immigrated there earlier, for instance?  What are those numbers from the United States? Are a significant number of wealthy Americans leaving for Australia?  Likely not, but we don't see that in this.


A copy of the original World Market Watch report is archived here: http://nebula.wsimg.com/6e5712bf40ffe85cc116a52402d5a7d7?AccessKeyId=70E2D0A589B97BD675FB&disposition=0&alloworigin=1  The report also delves into the specifics of cities.  Moving to America does not mean moving to Chicago.  Also, net effects include the percentages of persons and resources.  Brazil has only 200 million (plus), versus 1.1 billion in China. So, there's a lot to consider here. The ground truth is that money goes where it is wanted.


Just to end on a lighter note, here is a parody of the Norwegian national anthem:


See RoR about John Fredriksen


But "page 2" has a caveat

"Here on RoR, we called John Fredriksen "Ragnar Danneskjold" for giving up his Norwegian citizenship and taking a Cypriot passport. (Read Ed Hudgins' article here.)  The events on Cyprus demonstrate the truth of Ayn Rand's insistence that the root of our problems - and the path to their solution - is in philosophy, not politics.  Islands of enterprise, tax havens, off-shore commerce, e-commerce, electronic money, ...  none of them addresses the basic error that allows travesties such as this to re-emerge with alarming regularity."



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