Rebirth of Reason

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Sunday, March 22 - 1:47pmSanction this postReply

I created this poll after a discussion with my local Objectivist club last night.  All of our members are old white men!  We batted some ideas of what would draw Millennials to Objectivism.  "Free pizza" seemed inadequate as a long range strategy.


I selected "Multicultural threats to clear thought" since that seems a root cause of other more concrete challenges though I am not sure how many Millennials actually understand that.

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Sunday, March 22 - 3:33pmSanction this postReply

I chose debt, but only because it is the biggest threat on a concrete level.  The younger you are, on average, the longer you will live and the longer that debt will hang over your head and threaten to turn your life into economic misery.


But each of the choices you offered are negatives.  We, who are already Objectivists understand Objectivism as framework from which to view those issues. While those who aren't Objectivists will just see the named negatives - which may or may not be clear in their minds.  


I'd think that to attract new people to Objectivism it might be better to hold out some positive that promises to overcome some negative.  Remember Harry Browne's book, "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World"?  Great title -one that prioritizes and encourages imagining a positive future against, and in spite of a negative background.


But you need something can seque into Objectivism very easily for the newbies.  National debt levels can be examined and critiqued from an Objectivist perspective, but the individual can't change our economic system so it doesn't really take away any fears in that context.  


And there should be something to attract the kind of people you want.... for example, you want people that are open to intellectual pursuits as opposed to those who would walk through fire to avoid a discussion of ideas.  "How Thinking People can find Happiness in a Chaotic World"?  And if you want a younger crowd maybe put in a sub-title like, "The Millenials Approach to Avoiding Life's Traps."


Or, "Integrated Life Principles as the Key to Inner Security: How millenials are learning to find happiness in work and romance."  That one's kind of hokey and like a Tony Robbins come-on, but it would appeal to the demographics you mentioned.



Speaking of demographics, I have to ask, what's wrong with old white men, anyway?  Are you getting all sexist, racist, and ageist?  :-)

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Sunday, March 22 - 3:52pmSanction this postReply

This philosophy will die without a new generation to carry the torch.

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Sunday, March 22 - 4:43pmSanction this postReply

I understand that.  And I hope that you, or Yaron Brook, or someone finds a way to ignite an organizational spark.  The philosophy won't die out (Aristotle survived the Dark Ages), but its advocates won't number enough to sway the culture when compared to each new generation of altruists that our schools keep churning out.  The long-term fight is not looking good when all of the high ground (where the young are educated) is all held by the enemy.

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Wednesday, March 25 - 7:46pmSanction this postReply

Why not ask some millennials?  If you goto the ARI websites and find their essay contests, you will see hundreds, now perhaps thousands of young people who participated in these.  If you sent the ARI some money, say, like $1000, maybe they would run the poll for you on SurveyMonkey, inviting all of their entrants to participate.  


If you left it open: "What is the biggest issue facing American Millennials that would draw them to Objectivism?" you could then collect all of their answers and run stats on what they really think instead of trying to guess what you think they should think?


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Wednesday, April 8 - 9:53amSanction this postReply

I should have listed "Sexual hedonism (rampant bastardy and disease)" among the options given the dismal statistics available.


An older person suggested The Atlasphere has more Millennials because its format discourages the bickering and flame wars prevalent on other sites.


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