Rebirth of Reason

CDs by Artist

ArtistNumberMost Recent
Cruxshadows16/07/2005, 10:37pm
Evanescence16/04/2005, 9:13pm
Leopold Sokowski111/29/2004, 12:20am
Anna Moffo, soprano extraordinaire/Stokowski, American Symphony Orchestra18/23/2004, 1:20am
Explosions In The Sky112/27/2004, 11:40pm
Cyndi Lauper110/25/2004, 2:16pm
Puccini15/05/2004, 7:35am
Tolga Kashif15/04/2004, 3:55am
Melanie110/30/2004, 10:46am
Joshua Bell15/20/2005, 3:34pm
Ella Fitzgerald110/07/2004, 6:07am
The Cars110/01/2005, 2:54am
Various Artists12/10/2005, 4:42pm
Fritz Wunderlich112/25/2004, 8:42pm
Michael Buble12/12/2005, 10:46pm
Pink Floyd18/09/2005, 7:30pm
Merzbow111/09/2004, 2:58am
Sevendust110/01/2004, 10:49pm
James Horner112/14/2005, 8:23am
Jose Carreras112/07/2004, 3:22am
Metallica19/28/2004, 3:00pm
Type O Negative15/29/2005, 5:20pm
Brightman, Sarah16/07/2005, 11:02pm
The Pretenders19/29/2004, 12:40pm
Alexander Feht26/12, 6:55pm
George Winston111/14/2005, 11:25pm
Rufus Wainwright19/07/2005, 9:14pm
Mario Lanza, tenor112/04/2004, 1:12am
William Orbit110/22/2005, 11:37pm
Les Miserables15/04/2004, 2:19am
Allan Sherman19/30/2004, 11:41am
Garrett Fischbach13/01/2005, 11:27pm
Philip Glass18/21/2004, 12:07am
Dream Theater112/19/2005, 2:37pm
Sergei Rachmaninoff16/27/2005, 8:30pm
Jethro Tull16/07/2005, 11:25pm
Beethoven210/30/2004, 2:40pm
Thosquanta13/20/2007, 6:37am
Neo Camerata19/20/2004, 12:13am
Steve Vai18/23/2005, 9:24am
Marilyn Monroe19/29/2004, 12:40pm
The Black Crowes111/04/2005, 11:29pm
AC/DC110/06/2004, 7:59pm
Rush13/23/2007, 9:45pm
Tchaikovsky26/24/2005, 11:16am
Kayhan Kalhor, Shujaat Husain Khan18/31/2004, 7:16pm
Richard Wagner15/25/2004, 5:06pm
Massenet, Jules16/07/2005, 10:54pm
The Police110/02/2005, 4:38pm
Huey Lewis and the News16/07/2005, 11:45pm
Roger Waters19/29/2005, 7:37pm
Anne-Sophie Mutter111/08/2004, 1:15am
John Mills-Cockell17/24/2004, 2:50pm