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Atlas Shrugged Movie to Begin Filming!
Posted by Ed Hudgins on 5/31, 10:14am
May 29, 2010

John Aglialoro has gone public with his latest project to film Atlas Shrugged: an independent production set to begin filming June 11. Aglialoro decided to go forward on his own after the latest venture with Lionsgate Studios collapsed early this year.

After 17 years of working with major studios, only to see projects peter out from studio delay, unworkable scripts, and balky stars, Aglialoro has taken the entrepreneurial helm. Working with screenwriter Brian Patrick O’Toole, he has completed a script covering the first part of Rand’s novel (through the run of the John Galt Line and its aftermath).

Aglialoro expects the film to be released by the first quarter of 2011. He currently projects a three-movie sequence, following the structure of the novel. He has engaged Paul Johansson as director. Locations have been booked and casting is nearly complete.

“There’s obviously a lot of risk in doing it this way,” says Aglialoro, head of Cybex, the exercise-equipment company, and a trustee of The Atlas Society. “But taking risks for something you believe in—that’s what Atlas is all about. The strength of the project is what it’s always been: the power of Ayn Rand’s novel.”
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