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Responding to Hurricane Harvey
Posted by Michael E. Marotta on 9/18, 6:29am

Still here in the operations center...  Our cut-off is the 23rd of September because FEMA sets 30 days as the limit for "immediate response" to an incident.  After that, the plan moves into the mitigation and remediation phases.  According to FEMA's Incident Command System, you begin as much of the later stages as possible during the initial response.  For example "demobilization" begins with "deployment" in that you should have a plan in place to get back the equipment you lend out.  That said, we still have some people in some shelters; and the last phase of that is to transport them back to their communities of origin.


After that, we need to stand down several hundred of us through processes and procedures. Not only do we have equipment to return, we get medical once-overs. Early on, our swift water rescuers were treated for illnesses related to contaminations. The last of our "boat people" were demobilized a few days ago.


Right now, my job consists of keeping the records updated and current in addition to building the historical "battle book" of orders, rosters, and other documentation.


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