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Quotes: Wells, H.G.

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These dynamos and turbines of the Niagara Falls Power Company impressed me far more profoundly than the Cave of the Winds; are indeed, to my mind, greater and more beautiful than accidental eddying of air beside a downpour. They are will made visible, thought translated into easy and commanding things. They are clean, noiseless, starkly powerful. All the clatter and tumult of the early age of machinery is past and gone here; there is no smoke, no coal grit, no dirt at all. The wheel pit into which one descends has an almost cloistered quiet about its softly humming turbines. These are altogether noble masses of machinery, huge black slumbering monsters, great sleeping tops that engineer irresistible forces in their sleepů. A man goes to and fro quietly in the long, clean hall of the dynamos. There is no clangor, no racketů. All these great things are as silent, as wonderfully made, as the heart in a living body, and stouter and stronger than thatů. I fell into a daydream of the coming power of men, and how that power may be used by them.
H.G. Wells
Upon seeing the first great Niagara Falls power plant, which was created by Westinghouse and Tesla, among others.

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