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"This means that the government may not refuse a zoning permit to a group because itís Muslim, or Tea Party, or Socialist, or anti-gay-rights. It may not try to use landmarking law to bar the group from reconstructing a building, if the law is being used because of the groupís message.... These are basic principles of American free speech law, and of American religious freedom law. They help protect all of us, liberal or conservative, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist."
Eugene Volokh
Volokh.com via Reason.com re: Ground Zero mosque

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"A product can be banned because legislatures don't like it, or because you get a majority vote," said Eugene Volokh, law professor at UCLA. "In some states, they ban the sale of horse meat, not because horses have a right to life, but just because the government thinks it's icky. There is no constitutional right to eat what you like or sell what you want to sell."
Eugene Volokh
Court TV; http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=99&e=2&u=/ct/20050708/cr_ct/potflavoredpopsahitwithcandyloversbutnotlawmakers

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