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"Racing frantically against the clock, the team was still scouting for locations [for the movie Atlas Shrugged, Part I]with only three days left before shooting ended. Some locations were found only the day before they were used; some actors were cast just two days before they went on camera."
Brian Doherty
"Atlas Shrugged: The Movie Scenes from the 38-year struggle to film Ayn Rand's famous novel", Reason magazine, May 2011

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... certainly in the Bush era, the republican -- standard republican -- party is becoming less and less friendly to libertarian ideas. There is just practically nothing libertarian about George Bush, with the possible exception of tax cuts. But when tax cuts are not linked with spending cuts, which they've not been with Bush, it's not so much libertarian as, as fobbing off a responsibility on a later generation.
Brian Doherty

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