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That we can really address [global warming] by changing our light bulbs, or that we can really make an impact by unplugging our appliances when we‘re not using them, is very much out of whack. So if we're only [going to] do symbolic actions, I would like to suggest a few symbolic actions that…might really mean something. One of them, which is very simple, [of which] 99% of the American population doesn‘t care, is ban private jets. Nobody needs to fly in them, ban them now. And…in addition, let‘s have the NRDC,…the Sierra Club and Greenpeace make it a rule that all of their…members, cannot fly on private jets, they must get their houses off the grid, they must live in the way that they‘re telling everyone else to live. And if they won‘t do that, why should we? And why should we take them seriously?
Michael Crichton

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