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"I too am not holding my breath on 50.1%+ of the "representatives", effectively elected by a little as a single-digit percentage of the people residing in their district or state, voluntarily relinquishing their grasp on power and giving back to me the natural rights I own simply by existing. One can not expect slaveowners to voluntarily release their slaves from bondage -- and let's not kid ourselves, the slaveholder-slave relationship is literally and precisely the relationship that exists between virtually every elected official and their "constituents". That the slavery is not 100%, but perhaps 50% or so, does not change that fact in the slightest. So, the only recourse, other than meek acceptance of that servitude, is for us serfs to quietly revolt and refuse to cooperate with the state as much as possible without provoking their retaliatory use of their monopoly of force. They will not give us our freedom. We must seize it every day, in every way we can. We must either acquiesce to their illegitimate rule, or non-violently refuse to cooperate whenever and however we can."
Jim Henshaw
private email, Libertarian Party of Hawaii discussion group

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"I would not wish death upon Paul Krugman or Nancy Pelosi. However, if I outlive either of them and one day read their obituary, that particular day will almost certainly be a bit happier and more enjoyable than it otherwise would be. If that makes me a bad human being, so be it."
Jim Henshaw
Reason.com , "David Weigel Resigns From the Washington Post", 6.26.10 @ 9:29PM

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