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Another Rand tribute in the Wall Street Journal
Posted by Robert Bidinotto on 10/13, 6:28am
The extraordinary media coverage this week of the golden anniversary of Atlas Shrugged continues today with a second op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal -- this one penned by Brian Doherty, an editor of Reason magazine and author of the recent history of the modern libertarian movement, Radicals for Capitalism (a self-descriptive label he borrowed from Rand).

Titled "Rand and the Right," Doherty's essay explains why conservatives ought to stop mocking Rand's work and pay closer attention to her principled case for capitalism. Doherty isn't an Objectivist, but as fellow travelers go, he did quite a nice job -- and his piece is a fine companion to David Kelley's tribute to Atlas, published in the Journal's October 10 edition.

Ayn Rand's ideas appear to have reached a tipping point: They are becoming mainstream. That doesn't mean everyone agrees with them; far from it. But it does mean that rather than generating unremitting mockery, they have stood the test of time to become at least a respectable intellectual position -- one to be debated on equal terms with other philosophical alternatives.
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