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  I am a person who get's excited by sound reasoning. I am more an observer/listener then a talker, as I feel I am (at this time) always in a process of learning. I'm not a *"Lurker" but a *"Newbie" to many different things that are adding value to my life as a lover of truths. There are several post-ers here on RoR that it gives me pleasure to read. I regret that I am but a student and do not have much to contribute other than my appreciation. When I am not in agreement, with some of what I read or when in discusion with others, I am more apt to step away as I am not as formally educated as most here and prefer spending that time teaching myself the language of my beliefs or cud-chewing. (heh...) I hope my visiting the site does not feel invasive or *"Trolly" (*this is new language to me as well). By the by, if anyone "Googles" my name, I did not write that horrible poem ! That is not me. :) 

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A Chronology of Quotes Regarding Centralized Power
A Chronology of Quotes Regarding Centralized Power

Take a trip through time. View reasoning or criticisms of centralized power from one epoch and compare and contrast them against those of other epochs. Enjoy integrating them where it's possible to do that without forming a contradiction. Allow history to inform your judgments of the current policies and procedures of current administrations of current governments. Should we do any less than that? (Read the entire blog entry)

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December 20, 2008
Against USA, Inc.
by Tibor R. Machan
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    Government, even if democratic--meaning one that serves everyone in
society--is to be limited in its scope. That scope is to secure our
rights, just as the American Founders envisioned it. (Read more...)

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