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     As my profile has probably already revealed, my name is Gage Johnathan Huffman. At this moment in time, I am 18 years old. I'm too smart for my age, or that's what the people around me occasionally say. With a teensy bit of pride, I prefer to simply offer my rebuttle that all the people around me are too dumb for their age. Take that to the bank!
     I am an artist, writer, thinker, and pianist--those being listed in order of highest to lowest talent. Oh dear. I appear to be tooting my own horn. Well, whenever I'm accused of being "too full of myself"... I always grin and reply: "No one else is gonna be full of me... so I'm the best man for the job!"
     I was introduced to, and my life completely changed by, Objectivism about 3 years ago when I read Atlas Shrugged. Long story short--Ayn Rand's writings, coupled with modern ideaologies of Objectivism, have reshaped my mind in ways I had previously thought impossible. 'Nuff said.


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