Rebirth of Reason

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Friday, April 21, 2017 - 4:09amSanction this postReply

Pop sociology is amusing. I accept the article (in Post 39 above) at face value as that woman's personal experiences. However, the generalizations provided cannot be objectified by numbers; and I am not sure that even being able to do that would be informative.  I do grant that I do not like my wife using my bathroom for the same reasons:  she complains about the dirt in the corners, even though I wipe the floor with a paper towel after I shower.  And, on the other hand, when she washes her hands, she splashes water all over and does not wipe it up.  That said, our daughter is just the opposite.  Her favorite household appliance is the wastebasket.  She has never complained to me about my facilities. Maybe she is just tolerant of her old dad...


"Hymn to Him" from My Fair Lady.



On the broader topic, we have not had many houseguests over the years, so we have no experience ourselves.  As for being guests, we do not complain to our hosts.  So, there is that.  On the upside, my first wife was a Girl Scout and taught me the value in leaving a place better than you found it. Serving in the Texas State Guard these past 30 months, it is unquestioned that we clean up after ourselves.  The Texas Department of Public Safety loves us for cleaning up their barracks and gym after our classes there.  So, it is just a matter of what you learn and, really, whether you take pride in yourself.


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Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 9:32amSanction this postReply


Your meanest friend just wants the best for you, scientists say


Uh ... no.




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