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Rebirth of Reason

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Tuesday, November 15 - 6:08pmSanction this postReply
Good for them! It is totally understandable why some mystics would be ticked off. God forbid (pardon the pun) that people be able to think rationally anddddd benefit from the health gains from practicing yoga without all the hocus pocus!

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Wednesday, November 16 - 8:51pmSanction this postReply
Well, as noted in another topic, you can get Tea Party people in a tizzy over Ayn Rand.  So, yes, all manner of mystics are aghast.  

Before we selected Austin as our new home, my wife suggested Sedona, but gave that up when I couldn't stop laughing.  I said that I was going to open The Temple of Apollo and teach "Logic, the left-brain philosophy of the ancient Greeks."

But we have taken community ed classes in yoga and also in tai chi. And I own an I Ching and a Tao Te Chi in bilingual presentation.   We were happy when someone gave us tickets to hear the Dalai Lama.  He is a nice guy and very worldy in a mystical kind of way.

Ayn Rand wanted to make a moral issue out of tofu.  In Atlas Shrugged, Ivy Starnes promoted soy over wheat. 

It is famously known to millions of insiders that Ayn Rand initially wrote a rational priest into Atlas Shrugged -- Catholic priest, not Zen Buddhist priest.   Clearly some forms of error are better than others.  But it is interesting to view the intersections and overlaps.  For a variety of reasons, Catholic nuns in India are targeted subjects of rape.  To defend themselves as non-violently as possible, they learn karate.  Their sen-sei find them very discipliined.  The same is said by firearms instructors who teach nuns.

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