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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 3:42pmSanction this postReply
The issues surrounding fracking are far more extensive and complex than the amount of methane released. Some free market advocates fear that this is just another industry-government parternship, not much different than New London Connecticut's condemnation of private land to serve the interests of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The problem is that the pressurized water that forces the natural gas out to be pumped, itself becomes contaminated. Fracking destroys aquifers.

I am not asserting that is does. I only cite free market economists such as Prof. Michael "wintercow20" Rizzo at the Unbroken Window blog. My point here is that the facts need to be understood and evaluated. That much still seems lacking.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 7:27pmSanction this postReply
Ed, it isn't just the Greenie idiots (who seem to have made a religion of conservation), or the Renewable Energy people (who try to use regulation to force us all to pay more for fossil fuels as a way to make wind and solar more attractive), or the Anti-Human Eco-freaks (who want to latch onto anything that satisfies their hatred of man), or even the Back-to-Nature Luddites (who are willing to see man as a part of nature, but only if he returns to being some kind of naked berry eater that isn't allowed to make things more complicated than mud huts).

It is also the Progressives. They use environmental legislation as a Trojan Horse to increase centralized control over business and the economies. They dress up legislation on the outside as protecting clean air and water, as protecting us from toxic pollutants, but they've been caught again and again in lies about where the actual harm, or the actual climate change dangers are. That doesn't stop them, because they really aren't concerned with that window-dressing and will keep making up new lies as long as they can get regulations passed. Any means is acceptable as long as it will moves them towards their end goal of centralized control of the energy industry by an elite. They are into their secret transformation away from free enterprise. It is the same mechanism, this Trojan Horse model, that is used to take over the health care industry, and what we will see coming from Frank-Dodd for taking over the Financial sector, and the new Consumer Protection Agency they's put under the Fed... which will get pretty much anything else.

On the fracking, for example, there was this great concern voiced by the environmentalists about the amount of water used up to do the fracking. They pointed out that 650 million gallons were used in the US in one year for fracking done in the Marcellus Shale (which extends from Canada, down the East coast into Virginia and as far inland as portions of Kentucky and Tennessee). It sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Until you consider that we use 2.08 BILLION gallons of water EVERY DAY (on average) to water golf courses in the US.

Marotta said that Michael Rizzo believed that fracking chemicals might be seeping into the ground water from the fracked plane. I couldn't verify that. Instead, Rizzo seems to be taking the opposite position. Here is a quote from his blog site regarding fracking chemicals seeping into groundwater, "...as far as the evidence goes, neither the EPA nor the state regulators in PA, WY, TX and OH have found evidence of chemicals coming up from depths. If there are things seeping, and these studies are highly debated, it is the methane itself which is not, by the way, toxic."

And if there are any reasonable fears that some of the fracking involves some form of collusion between crony capitalists and the government, then that is what needs to be ended, not the fracking.

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