Rebirth of Reason

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Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 6:58amSanction this postReply

A new logo

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Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 8:51amSanction this postReply

Good article, Ed.


Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid whipped his troops into a lather to get them to vote on a call for the team to change its name. And politically-correct cowards at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancelled the Redskins’ trademark.

I was beginning to wonder if anything could get Reid to allow the senate a vote. The Middle-East being on fire with American citizens being beheaded, ObamaCare disintegrating into an economy destroying mess, an 18 Trillion dollar debt that will enslave the next two generations, the White House and Justice Department swamped with scandels from Fast and Furious, through Bengazi to the IRS and spying on US citizens and harrassing members of the Press, the issuance of Executive Orders that are just hair's breadth from establing the premise of dictatorial power, releasing those who commit violent crimes as long as they are one of the new protected classes: illegal aliens... all of these never rose to a level of importance for this strange little man. But bringing the senate out of it's catatonic state to vote on calling a sports team "redskins" that he does.


And the person in the patent office resonsible for that decision should be sued for maliicious conversion of private property for personal political purposes... or whatever one might call using government to express personal pique over politically correct trivia - or to achieve partisan politial goals.


Speaking of which, Obama decided not to increase the troups in Iraq when the military asked him to (back in August/September) because he wanted to wait till the day after the mid-term elections. That is a case of putting lives at risk, both in the months that passed, and in the months yet to come because of the ISIS fighters digging in, massacring opposition, stealing weaponry, etc.  This is also the use of a persoanl political agenda to drive the government. I watched some of the talking heads on Fox and I noticed that some of them couldn't grasp this. They were saying things like, "Well, he had to ensure that he didn't lose his base." Or, "At the time he might have thought it would make a difference between keeping the senate or not." Those were kind of things said by some of the people, AFTER it was pointing out that the delay would end up costing lives. Whether one is opposed to American troups on Iraq or for them, no one should feel anything but anger and disgust at a man that let people die just to avoid losing some votes.  This is the political/mental culmination of the Progressives whole-hearted adoption of the belief that the end justifies the means (which really means, there is nothing that is right or wrong, only that we get to be in control of you).

...look to the deeper, morally repugnant principles of so many liberals in their war against the Redskins’ name. These liberals reject Martin Luther King’s dream that individuals “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Such liberals don’t want Native Americans to transcend ethnicity, an accident of birth. They want them to think only in group terms. They don’t help them to appreciate the pride—to say nothing of the prosperity—that they can earn through their own merit. Such liberals want Native Americans to take offense at a word that means no offense rather than to take steps to be the best that they can be.

That is so true. They think in racist terms. They think that people are what their skin color or gender or their ethinic past has made them, and they grow most indignant over anyone who tries to buck that. But it has nothing to do with the actual issue. It is like the hog snake that when threatened rolls over on it's back and pretends to dead. But if you turn him back on his belly he gives away the facade by roll onto his back again. The Progressives give away their dirty game when they attack hardest any women or blacks that succeed and chose to be libertarian or conservative. They roll over and show their belly when it comes to choice in the schools.  They roll over and show their belly when they try to get people to believe, "You didn't build that."  They turn belly up when it comes to tort reform, or any other real health care cost reform, like stopping states from proscribing mandatory policy includes.


They are a political force that decided long ago that they wanted to have total control over all things and that it was best to achieve that by pretending that the were only trying to fix injustices and help those in need... to use a trojan horse kind of lying, to never let anyone see their longterm goals, and to inch closer to acheiving their tyranny-by-votes instead of sudden, violent overthrow. With each year that passes they find and amplify all the techniques that seem to help. Political correctness is a way to wrap their Trojan Horse causes in holy soundbites, diminish vocal opposition, and continue programs of cultural brainwashing. All the while it can be applied to cement their identity politics in place and 'legitimize' policy and politics by race.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 12:35amSanction this postReply

Lol Merlin that looks like freshly frozen moose shit.

Steve those are great observations.  The progressives want to beat any sense of character any individual may possess.  It is sickening.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 8:51amSanction this postReply

Thanks, Jules

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 11:21amSanction this postReply


I considered arranging the redskin peanuts in a football formation. Too much work. Imagine a pile-on after a tackle.

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