Rebirth of Reason

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Sunday, March 15, 2015 - 3:28pmSanction this postReply



Great article.  However, I'd like to clarify a statistic that you cited.  You wrote,


McElwee mentions the problem of “deep disparities in criminal justice” faced by blacks. Let’s grant that there are problems: the drug war hasn't helped poor blacks, that's for sure. But let's take note of the elephant in the room: disproportionate black involvement in violent crime. Since King’s inspiring speech five decades ago, over 400,000 blacks have been murdered mostly by other blacks. Blacks make up 12 percent of America’s population. Half of murder victims are blacks. About 38 percent of the murders are committed by blacks, with about one-third committed by whites and most of the rest by assailants of unknown race. [Emphasis added]


You said, "half of murder victims are blacks.  About 38 percent of the murders are committed by blacks . . ."  I take it that you meant 38 percent of all the murders are committed by blacks, even though it may have sounded like you meant that 38 percent of the murders of blacks are committed by blacks.  In fact, according to the FBI's Unified Crime Report, of 2,648 black victims of homicide, 2,412 were committed by other blacks, which is an astonishing 91 percent.




If, according to the popular catch phrase, black lives truly matter, shouldn't the emphasis be where it belongs -- on the real danger to black lives, which is not the police, but other blacks??  Yet, you will watch and listen in vain for any such recognition or concern, especially on the part of nihilistic leftist demonstrators running amuck in the streets, destroying people's property and attacking police.  These hooligans care nothing about real solutions.  All they care about is venting a mindless, perverse and petulant rage against the brave men and women in uniform who faithfully protect our lives and property and without whom the crime rate would spiral out of control. 


It's about time, responsibility for the destruction of people's lives and property is placed where it belongs -- on the criminals themselves, instead of on those who protect us from them!!!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015 - 6:13amSanction this postReply

My local Objectivist club is getting too pale, stale, frail, male, and pale.  We need new blood.  What are some ways to interest Millennials in Objectivism enough to start convening with other Objectivists locally?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 7:36pmSanction this postReply

Bring in some hot smart women..no really.

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