Rebirth of Reason

Sex and Dating ,chapter 6 Questionaire pg 99
Posted by Gigi P Morton on 10/20, 6:59pm
In Steven Colbert's new book ,"I am America (and so can you!)" .

"Finding that someone special
Lets face it: Finding Mr./Miss Right is no picnic.
But where others see a problem, I see a free-market opportunity.
That's why I've set up my own dating service for the Colbert Nation.
I call it ColbertCoupling."
"Here's a sample questionaire potential lovebirds will encounter at my web
portal. Why not stop by and give it a shot?"
pg. 99   " If I were a character in an Ayn Rand novel, I'd be....
A.  Howard Roark  B.  Ellsworth Tooey  C.  That guy from Anthem
D.  A total jerk"
Then there's mouth capacity, marital status etc. Pretty goofy, but awesome that
he continues to bring Ayn Rand and her books to peoples attention.
"I tend to think... D.  Near a box"  LOL
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