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"Protagonist" is Louis Gifford, an attorney living in the Richmond area recently admitted to the bar in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is a successful entrepreneur who has his own business which performs title examinations and real estate recordings throughout Virginia for various law firms and title companies around the country. During his (very sparse) leisure time, Protagonist enjoys simple cerebral pleasures: surfing the internet and reading weblogs, playing old videogames, contemplation during long walks, and reading books while loitering in Barnes & Noble's. He himself has a weblog which has fallen into disuse, but still contains a good collection of his philosophy, musings and humor. Since his work involves much driving around, Protagonist gets ample opportunity to listen to AM talk radio shows. His favorite is Rush Limbaugh, followed by Glenn Beck. Politically, Protagonist tends to vote a straight Republican ticket, but would ideally prefer much more libertarian policies than those currently endorsed by the party, e.g. complete end to New Deal/Great Society/trustbusting legislation, complete privatization of public schools. However, he differs from libertarians since he supports war against radical Islam, traditional vice laws against drugs/prostitution/gambling, and opposes abortion. Protagonist is a born-again Christian, unapologetic over his apologetics, as it were. He believes that "rational faith" is not an oxymoron, but a necessary step in understanding existence and our conscience of it. He believes that Christian agape is a completely different concept from Kantian altruism. During and after law school, Protagonist was introduced to Objectivism and the writings of Ayn Rand. First he read Anthem, then The Fountainhead, then some of Rand's non-fiction philosophical writings, followed by Atlas Shrugged. Rand's philosophy agreed with him; she had helped clear up and validate many of the philosophical/epistemological truths that he had held dear his whole life. Protagonist does not consider himself an "Objectivist" as strictly defined by Rand and her "intellectual heirs" due to the beliefs stated above. Protagonist is happily married, though currently without children.


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