Rebirth of Reason

Waitomo Caves Hotel

The first SOLO conference was held at the Waitomo Caves Hotel in New Zealand.

Speakers and Speeches:

Lindsay Perigo
An elaboration of SOLO's credo, covering, among other topics: the Ayn Rand Institute vs. The Objectivist Center; the false reason/passion dichotomy - & did Ayn Rand herself invadvertently contribute to it?; the importance of humor & of art in the quest for reason & freedom; the "spiritual" nature of othat quest; the face of Objectivism as it might be & ought to be.

The Young Guns: Cameron Pritchard, Sam Pierson and Andrew Bates
Objectivism & My Life
Three of youngest, the brightest & the best discuss Objectivism as a way of life-THEIR lives.

Robert Lecturing Robert White
Adam Smith & Ayn Rand on the Moral Justification for Laissez-Faire Capitalism
Case studies in a flawed defence of capitalism based on altruism (Smith) & a solid, consistent defence based on rational self-interest (Rand).

Matt Lecturing Matthew Ballin
Developing the Best within Us
Matt Ballin discusses "Sense of Life" - what it is & how to improve it.

Michael Newberry
Ushering in a New Era in the Arts
Michael Newberry will discuss his game plan for unseating postmodernism from the art world establishment and replacing it with an age of enlightement in the arts. He will offer his view that to move forward it is essential to point-out contemporary artworks that are advancing the mediums of painting and sculpture. And, of the necessity to create a synergy of highbrow aesthetics, walking the walk, moral depth, and of a sincere love of creating and appreciating art. He will outline progress made, point towards the next steps, and field questions and suggestions.

Joseph Rowlands
The Meaning of Life
The popular Free Radical columnist from San Jose discusses life as an active process rather than a passive state, and the everyday implications of this.

Jim Lecturing Jim Peron
The Day Ayn Rand Died
A moving account of that day and Ayn Rand's funeral, by one who attended. Again, this is an original presentation, different from Mr. Peron's published article of the same name.

The Staff
The Staff of SOLO conference 1.


Lounging at the table Laughing Cheers Newberry Lecturing McGrath showing award
Smiles Crowning Happy Conspirators Hooch and Ashley
Fiona Pointing Carol and Hooch Standing around Rational violence
The Auction Exhaustion Conversation

SOLOC1 Testimonials:

"This conference filled me with confidence in where SOLO is headed..." - Andrew Bates
"The conference was amazing..." - Matt Ballin
"I was in the most incredible of moods all weekend ..." - Kyle McFarlane
"On Saturday evening I sat between Joseph Rowlands & Cameron Pritchard..." - Sam Pierson
"What a wonderful weekend, inspirational, intelligent, passionate..." - Scott Wilson
"Wow. I just cannot even begin to put into words ..." - Cameron Pritchard
"Here's my own assessment of SOLOC 1..." - Lindsay Perigo