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I am a clinical psychologist, in practice since 1979.
My introduction to Objectivism occurred when I read The Fountainhead for the first time in 1962 when I was in college. I took all the courses at Nathaniel Branden Institute between 1965 and 1968.
After the break in 1968, I stopped my formal studies of Objectivism, but continued to integrate it into my life. That was mostly a positive experience, but also had its negative effects due to the poor understanding of emotion and how to handle it rampant in Objectivist circles at the time. I believe that problem is somewhat less severe today then it was in the 1960ís, but still very much present.
I have devoted much of my career to understanding emotion and finding productive ways to work with it. I am currently working on an article for Objectivists about a comprehensive theory of emotion that is grounded in observables in infants, and therefore avoids almost entirely the subjectivism and other inaccuracies that invalidate other theories of emotion.
The theory I am working on explicating was developed by the American psychologist Silvan S. Tomkins (1911-1991).
I have been happily married for nearly 38 years, and have a 32 year old daughter.

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June 27, 2005
Sense of Life
Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
by Michael Stuart Kelly
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Personal memoir of love, betrayal, survival, growth and triumph. (Read more...)
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