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Sanctions: 11
Another Rand tribute in the Wall Street Journal
Posted by Robert Bidinotto on 10/13, 6:28am
The extraordinary media coverage this week of the golden anniversary of Atlas Shrugged continues today with a second op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal -- this one penned by Brian Doherty, an editor of Reason magazine and author of the recent history of the modern libertarian movement, Radicals for Capitalism (a s...(Read more...)
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"'Atlas Shrugged' at 50" by Ed Hudgins in today's Washington Times
Posted by Joseph Rowlands on 10/11, 7:51pm
This was already posted in the "News" gallery, but I've just added this new gallery for people to enter any sightings of Ayn Rand or Objectivism in the media.  You can do the same by clicking on the Content link above, then "Add Your Own Content", and finally "Add Ayn Rand Sighting". (Read more...)
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