Rebirth of Reason

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CS Forester's Horatio Hornblower511/03/2004, 7:38pmHong Zhang
Sanction: 3, No Sanction: 0Sanction: 3, No Sanction: 0
Lawrence of Arabia911/02/2004, 6:26pmHong Zhang
The Princess Bride1110/01/2004, 6:50amJohn Newnham
Sanction: 1, No Sanction: 0
Stepford Wives19/19/2004, 5:06pmTim Sturm
Earth28/31/2004, 7:01pmRodney Rawlings
The Great Caruso68/24/2004, 6:49pmDeleted
The Big Night28/20/2004, 10:09amFred Seddon
A Night at the Opera28/20/2004, 7:22ameli sacks
The Toast of New Orleans28/18/2004, 6:36pmDerek McGovern
Pollyanna68/17/2004, 6:45amMarcus Bachler
Sanction: 4, No Sanction: 0Sanction: 4, No Sanction: 0
Conspiracy68/06/2004, 6:30pmPeter Cresswell
Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules28/04/2004, 9:55pmOrion Reasoner
Girl with a Pearl Earring78/02/2004, 2:31pmOrion Reasoner
The Miracle Worker67/27/2004, 11:11pmOrion Reasoner
October Sky17/24/2004, 9:11pmSam Erica
Sanction: 4, No Sanction: 0Sanction: 4, No Sanction: 0
The Red Shoes37/22/2004, 12:49pmdavid baker
Sanction: 6, No Sanction: 0Sanction: 6, No Sanction: 0
Clockwork Orange166/24/2004, 9:15amEthan Dawe
The Shootist16/20/2004, 8:44amDerek McGovern
Ghostbusters14/26/2004, 5:57pmRoss Elliot
Gattaca34/24/2004, 3:35pmMalarki
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